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Written by Chauncey Mann   
Monday, 12 January 2009 19:00

Four Primary Components:
Hitters Challenge Video Game and Tutorial (PC Format)
Hitters Challenge Internet League
The Hitters Challenge Legends Tour
Hitters Challenge Website and Virtual Competition Hosting 



Hitters Challenge is a company driven to provide baseball fans and video game customers with additional options to experience both live and electronic means of enjoying baseball fun and excitement for low cost yet quality entertainment. We expect a high degree of profitability due to the company’s customer base of an established consumer market of over 100 million fans that currently spend billions of dollars attending Major League, Collegiate and Little League baseball games within the United States of America alone. Hitters Challenge can benefit from several planned alliances with Major League Baseball (MLB), the Hall of Fame Foundation (Cooperstown), and the MLB Alumni Association, providing access to virtually any former and/or current Major League Baseball player. This multi-division, synergetic strategy will give Hitters Challenge Games high earnings potential right away with a supply of three key sources of revenue in which to capitalize on an enormous fan base centered on our national pastime. 

Hitters Challenge®Video Game and Tutorial (PC format)
“The Ultimate Baseball Hitting Game”

Hitters Challenge® Legends Tour
“World-Class Competition”

Hitters Challenge® Internet League
“Cutting Edge Baseball Technology”
Massive Multiple Online Role Player Game (MMORPG)

Website and Virtual Competition Hosting 
Virtual Hitting Clinics and Baseball Auctions


Hitters Challenge® endeavors to compliment the game of baseball by and through promotion of Hitters Challenge events, products, and services that focus on the strategies and rewards of hitting a baseball in various competitive forms. Fostering long-term relationships with businesses sharing mutual interests, including the vital relationship with Major League Baseball (MLB) the MLB Alumni Association (MLBAA), and baseball players themselves will be the cornerstone of our impact, success, and longevity in America and throughout the baseball world. Our primary goal is to fully exploit Hitters Challenge as an innovative technology, commercializing its utility at every level of baseball as well as expanding the fan base in an entertaining and profitable manner. Through professional player support and endorsements, Hitters Challenge shall establish brand identity and recognition of the highest quality for its video game and tutorial, live tour events and exhibitions, and its online Internet membership activity.


The goal of Hitters Challenge® is to become the leader in the manufacturing and marketing of Hitters Challenge® the "Ultimate Baseball Hitting Game" as baseball video games and services that electronically and physically measure hitting proficiency for baseball players, fans, gamers, and the general public. We will constantly strive to satisfy our customers' needs and conduct our business in a manner to produce financial returns that encourage and reward our shareholders.


Hitters Challenge is based in California and is composed of four (4) basic components;

Hitters Challenge®Video Game and Tutorial (PC format)


The Hitters Challenge Video Game has been licensed by Major League Baseball and the Hall of Fame in Cooperstown. The video game utilizes the same Hitters Challenge technology except on an electronic field. The Hitters Challenge video game will feature traditional baseball components that attract millions of baseball fans to the stadiums, as well as incentives designed to attract video game players of all ages, male and female. Our developers will utilize state of the art new advertising technology, providing commercials opportunities within the actual game. Our Brand Awareness Statement will distinguish this game from any competition. 

The game allows for multiple player options for competitive selections, up to 15 different opponents or play as a virtual image of any one of the game legends. The game requires only one operator in order to experience the thrill of the in-game hitting battle. There is no fielding, throwing, running or sliding in the game. There is no defensive strategy, strictly hitting based on conventional strategy and physical elements and conditions. This keeps the game moving and speeds up the competition as compared to a nine inning baseball game, requiring control and manipulation of several position images. Players must also consider the field dimensions, the weather, humidity, altitude, velocity and speed of pitches, while factoring in the pitch location, its plane and ball rotation.

Hitters Challenge® Legends Tour

Hitters Challenge® Legends Tour Association (HCLTA) shall function in concert with the Hitters Challenge® Games and to achieve its goals by organizing, promoting and facilitating live "Hitters Challenge®" events featuring the artistry, skill, and experience of retired Major League Baseball players of Hall of Fame caliber, that will showcase the art, elements and strategies of hitting a baseball in an exciting, unique, competitive and rewarding tournament format.  

Hitters Challenge® Legends Tour Association and its partners shall responsibly create opportunities for retired Major League Baseball players to perform live Hitters Challenge® events in selected regions around the country fostering interest in baseball, while teaching, performing and promoting the art of good hitting. As the popularity of baseball continues to grow, fans seek further opportunities to interact with its star players while sharing Internet experiences with each other is a reality of life. It is our goal to grow the Hitter Challenge® Legends Tour Association, expanding the events and opportunities for former Major League Baseball players to as many as one event per week for 24 weeks, while establishing multimedia, sponsorship, and commercial value in such a tour showcasing many of the greats of the game of baseball as a means to promote the Hitters Challenge baseball hitting technology. In doing so, people of all ages, backgrounds, economic and educational levels can become a part of the greatest sports innovation to originate in the 21st century.

The Champions are awarded winnings of up to $100,000 per event. The initial live event is tentatively planned to be held in Las Vegas, Nevada. Fox Sports may be filming the two-day event and telecast 8 one-hour TV episodes through its Regional Affiliates. The Hitters Challenge Legends Tour will emulate, by example, the (PGA) Seniors Golf Tour, securing the top MLB retired players, of Hall of Fame caliber, for an exciting showcase of hitting; an exhibition of the artistry and skill of hitting as well as to illustrate the elements and strategies of hitting a baseball in an exciting and competitive tournament format.  

Hitters Challenge® Internet League

The Hitters Challenge Internet League (HCIL) is a tournament format, on-line competition featuring players at professional and amateur levels of skill. The HCIL is the first ever on-line sport. Members of the HCIL will start out as amateurs. As amateur members they will have the opportunity to compete against virtual reproductions of some of Major League Baseballs all time great hitters and/or other amateur members like themselves. When an amateur member reaches level five and can maintain a scoring potential of 75% efficiency at level five over five consecutive tournament events, that member will qualify and have the right to turn professional.  

An HCIL qualified professional that chooses to turn professional will from the time they choose to turn professional be automatically entered into their regional bi-weekly tournaments at no charge except the monthly membership fee. HCIL professionals will compete in these bi weekly tournaments for a cash first prize of up to $100,000 U.S. dollars. The top HCIL professionals will be invited to the National Championship to compete for a first prize of 1 to ten million dollars. The amount of the grand prize will be determined by number of HCIL membership and corporate sponsorship.  

Website and Virtual Competition Hosting 
The establishment a state of the art web site as a community hub for player memberships and hosting Hitters Challenge one-on-one, regional and national tournaments.
The internet league competition should further establish presence as a player training center or baseball technology leader, not only returning traffic but actually bringing in new traffic on a continual basis. Ultimately, we capitalize on the traffic that produces, and turn the user sessions into dollars through the website membership and commerce site.


Chauncey Luther Mann III, President, oversees the execution and administration of the Hitters Challenge business plan and program as well as to facilitate the planning and coordination of the day to day operations of Hitters Challenge, Inc. 

Bill Madlock, Tour Commissioner will oversee all aspects of the live event tour including liaison to the Major League Baseball Alumni. Mr. Madlock is a former MLB Star and 4 time MLB batting champion with Pittsburg Pirates, Chicago Cubs, and Los Angeles Dodgers.

Ron Jackson, Marketing Director oversees the implementation of all marketing strategies and serves as a liaison with Major League Baseball and the Hall of Fame in Cooperstown. Ron is a former Marketing Manager with Chevrolet Motor Division as an administrator for their Major League Baseball programs.

William Bratton, Technical Research and Development Director oversees the game’s software development and the internet interaction, security issues and software code requirements. William is a former employee of NASA, General Dynamics, and Oracle.

Rich Rose, Media Consultant oversees our relationship with Television Networks, Major Newspapers and News Publications. Mr. Rose is a former marketing entertainment senior executive with Caesar’s Entertainment (Caesar’s World).

Perspective Studios, Managing Director Joe Nolan, Perspective Studios have the first opportunity be lead developers of the video game and to also oversee the server setup for the interactive game play, the application of Massive Inc. video game advertising network and prepare the game for distribution. 

Massive Inc., Claudia Batten, Massive Inc. is a video game advertising new technology network working with Perspective Studios and the Hitters Challenge team to implement the advertising network engines and generate sponsors for the Hitters Challenge Video Game.

The above named have a full appreciation of the value of the Hitters Challenge program and the viability of the Hitters Challenge program goals as outlined in the Business Plan. 

Last Updated on Monday, 12 January 2009 21:21